About SMGA

Steve Edwards has been involved in the IT industry since 1995. His range of experience includes varied roles in the banking software, trucking, and telecom industries. Among these roles are support, analyst, and project manager, and projects serving some of the largest banking corporations in the country.  His experience as both a client-facing project manager and a developer give him a diverse skill set that allows him to function in multiple roles.

Steve first started working with websites out of necessity when his state racquetball association needed someone to take over the existing site that was done in MS Front Page.  Shortly after that, he learned PHP, and wrote a couple sites from scratch, including a busy e-commerce site.  In 2006 he went looking for a CMS and discovered Drupal, and has been hooked ever since.  Since then he has contributed modules to the Drupal community, as well as patches to existing modules and Drupal core, and has been active in the local Portland Drupal community, as well as attending Drupal camps and DrupalCons around the country.  He has been the voice of the voice of the Acquia podcast, conducting interviews with people doing great stuff in the Drupal community, and he was the technical editor for the book Beginning Drupal 7.  He has also created sites for businesses and non-profits on his own, and worked on large Drupal sites for corporate clients as part of his work at Treehouse Agency and Drupal Connect.

Steve holds a B.A. in Economics from Colorado College. When not working on Drupal, Steve's time is spent with his family (SMGA is an acronym for the first names of his family members) and church. He is active in sports, and is a volunteer firefighter/EMT.