Theming This Site

I have worked on many other sites since I started working with Drupal four years ago, and other than my first blog site, I had never done one for myself.  When I started SMGA a year ago, I knew I needed to get a site going for it, but between family and all the other sites I work on, I hadn't had the time to do it.  The biggest issue for me was the theme.  As a developer, and someone who is not gifted at creating designs, I needed to find one that I liked that I could convert to a Drupal theme.  I had looked at literally hundreds of open source designs without seeing one I really liked, until one day, I saw a webcast by James Walker on theming, and as his example he used a theme from Styleshout.  After looking through the themes, I finally came across one I liked call Cool Blue, and I decided to use it.  It looks to be designed primarily for a blog site, but the page also provides examples of all styles used, so it's easy to adjust the front page.

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Sep 2